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Give us your flooring – so you can walk away

J&R Surfaces
J&R Surfaces

Give Us Your Flooring – So You Can Walk Away…

J&R Surfaces is headed by Joshua Herz. Joshua has been in the business of commercial and residential flooring for 17 years. Born and raised in New York City and a long time resident of New Jersey, Joshua knows these states from the ground up and is part and parcel of the construction field of these great states. He has developed a well earned reputation of integrity, consistency and knowledge of flooring systems of every type.

Joshua will find the best way to do a job that will meet the client’s objectives, with budget and time lines taken into consideration. J&R has an expert team of technicians and installers that have many years of the experience that is so crucial in getting a job done correctly.

from initial review of flooring system design to the completion of every job, with J&R Surfaces, you can be assured that your job is taken care of with the highest standards adhered to. Every project has it’s challenges but with Josh in charge, every angle is discussed with a clear choice of solutions provided.

As people who have utilized J&R Surfaces will attest: “Give us your flooring and you can walk away …” is the right slogan.once Josh is on the job – your work is done.