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Recently completed flooring projects in new construction and landmarked buildings.

J&R Surfaces

Sample projects recently completed

Riverside Drive New York, N.Y.

15,000 LVT flooring in Landmarked Building

Newark, N.J.

50,000 sq ft LVT flooring

Bronx, N.Y.

39 units
25,000 sq ft. floating LVT

Brooklyn, N.Y.

124 units
80,000 sq ft. floating LVT.  

Brooklyn, N.Y.

80,000 sq ft LVT flooring

Brooklyn, N.Y.

 150,000 sq ft  sound underlayment and glue down LVT

Bronx, N.Y.

50,000 sq ft  floating LVT

Queens, N.Y.

300,000 sq ft LVT flooring, engineered wood, carpeting and rubber

New York, N.Y.

709 units affordable housing
225,000 sq ft of LVT, VCT and rubber flooring

Imperial Hall, Brooklyn, N.Y.

10,000 sq ft of Brazilian Cherry Wood

Bronx, N.Y.

130,000 sq ft of LVT, carpet and rubber flooring

Larking Plaza Yonkers,

N.Y. – upscale residential apartments

The Carolina Apartments

400  units  affordable housing
350,000 sq ft. self-level, Glue down LV, carpeting, rubber flooring

Ellipse Newport Apartments

403 units
325,000 sq ft. Glue down engineered wood flooring

Ritz Carlton Residences

Approximately 200,000 sq ft. High-end condos.
Glue down engineered flooring.

49 Chambers Street

175,000 sq ft. Solid hickory Chevron. Subfloor. Sound underlayment and 2 layers of floating plywood