J&R Surfaces
J&R Surfaces

Installation Phase

During the installation phase, we will:

1. Create a detailed plan of every aspect of the flooring needed.

2. We present various options to the client based on their requirements and budgets.

3. We will submit samples to the client and the architect and the construction manager of the items they have selected, for approval.

4. Once the plans and samples are approved, we will submit detailed test reports and paperwork to be approved.

5. We assemble a team of professionals with years of experience in the field to ensure that the finest level of workmanship will be available on the site.

6. We maintain a daily on-site review of conditions to ensure the installation is following to plan and is maintaining all correct safety standards. We will supervise and coordinate the work as it is being performed, until final completion and acceptance by the end user and architect to assure that the materials furnished and work performed are in accordance with working drawings and specifications.

7. Throughout all stages we maintain our commitment to an environmentally responsible construction.