J&R Surfaces
J&R Surfaces

Pre-Installation Phase

During the pre-installation process we will:

1. Meet with the client and architect to gain a through understanding of the end user’s operation. We will review traffic flow and level of traffic to ensure the flooring meets the needs and design requests of the client.

2. Review the site to evaluate the proper resources needed to provide optimal flooring for the client. We will evaluate what needs to be done to prepare the site for the best success and longevity of the flooring installation.

3. We will source the materials needed to ensure the quality and budget meet the client’s specifications.

4. We will review scheduling to ensure the work is done in the fastest time possible, minimizing the impact on other work being done in the structure.

5. Review and update the project budget and installation schedule, as well as the all important safety standards that will be maintained throughout the project.